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Pay-by-Check Information and Instructions

Note:  For the reasons outlined, below, pay-by-check is not recommended but may be an acceptable form of payment for live, in-person seminars/workshops.  (Pay-by-check is NOT available for webinars, on-demand online trainings, or other web-based events/trainings.)  READ THE INFORMATION BELOW to for more information about our Pay-by-Check requirements and limitations.  A printable PDF copy of EdLaw Interactive's Pay-by-Check registration form is available, below.

FAQ:  My school permits payment by check only, but that does not appear to be an option in the registration process.  What should I do?

Our online registration process does not support payment by checks.  However, we understand that payment by check may be the only option for some school employees.  (Note:  WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.  Only checks issued by schools, businesses,  will be accepted.)   To pay by check, please review the information on this page.  Click on the Pay-by-Check Registration Form and submit it, fully completed, with your payment.   Pay-by-check is available for in-person seminars, only.  It is NOT available for webinars, on-demand online trainings, or other events/trainings.  To allow time for processing, all pay-by-check registrations must be received at least TWO BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  

What you need to know before deciding to pay by check:

Receipt of a check by EdLaw Interactive does NOT constitute event registration Individuals for whom the registration process has not been fully completed (who have not received email confirmation of successful registration) will NOT be permitted to attend the session, even if a check has been issued.  Once EdLaw Interactive receives the payment and completed pay-by-check form, the registration will be processed ONLY IF THERE IS SPACE AVAILABLE IN THE WORKSHOP AT THE TIME THE CHECK IS RECEIVED AND PROCESSED.  If there is space available in the workshop and all of the necessary information has been included on the pay-by-check form, the participant(s) will receive registration confirmation via email once registration is complete.  EdLaw Interactive is not able to hold registration spots pending payment.  If the workshop is full at the time payment is received, the payment will be returned, and email notification will be provided, or, at the registrant's discretion, the registrant may select another event/workshop location, and the payment may be applied to that event/location.

For check payments, we recommend that you CONTACT US prior to issuing the check to verify the proper payment amount.  Partial payments and/or payments for insufficient amounts will be returned without being processed for registration.  Attendance spots will not be held pending correction of the payment.  In addition, EdLaw Interactive does not provide reimbursement for amounts in excess of the required amount for registration.  In such cases, registration will be processed, but a refund of any overage will NOT be provided.  Thus, it is strongly recommended that the payment amount be verified by EdLaw Interactive prior to submission.

Please feel free to CONTACT US  if you have any questions or need additional information about the pay-by-check process.

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