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faqS FOR Live Public Events (Webinars, Host Site Events, In-Studio Trainings)


Are group discounts available?

Yes.  Group discounts are available.  To be eligible, groups must register at one time and select the appropriate group ticketing option, based upon the size of the group.  Group discounts cannot be applied retroactively. 


Is pre-registration required, or are walk-ins welcome?

Pre-registration online is required.  We will not be accepting walk-ins on the date of the event. 


Am I required to pre-pay at the time of registration, or are other payment options available?

Payment in full must be made online during the registration process.  We currently are unable to accept physical checks, purchase orders, or other forms of payment.   


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at  


What's the refund policy?

All live event sales are final, and no refunds will be given.  However, despite the fact that we are lawyers, we are not totally coldhearted.  (We're the good ones, I promise!)  We understand that, in schools, emergencies and unforseen events occur often.  In the event that you are unable to attend an event for which you are registered, you have some options.  You may transfer your ticket to another individual (just make sure they bring a copy of the ticket with them - see below) for no additional charge, or take advantage of the "transfer" option in your electronic confirmation page (see paragraphs below for more details) to transfer your attendance to a future event, subject to availability.  


Can I transfer my registration to another event?

Absolutely!  We know that circumstances that may arise that prevent school personnel from being able to attend a training.  If you discover you are not able to attend a training, you can take advantage of the electronic "transfer" option available once you fully register for any training.  Registrants can transfer to any other open (public) event for a $20 administrative fee plus any cost difference for the registration.  The general registration rate will apply to all transfer sessions.  Earlybird and other discounted rates are not available for transfers.  Transfers may only be available prior to the start of the training for which the individual is already registered.  The option to transfer may not be available once the training for which the participant had orginally registered is completed.  All transfer options are subject to availability, and specific topics for transfer trainings cannot be guaranteed.  (But don't worry - they're all pretty good!)


Can I transfer my registration for a live event to a webinar and vice-versa?

Yes.  As long as an event is open to the public (i.e., registration is available on the, registrants can switch between events.  A $20 registration transfer fee will apply.  



Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Not unless you are taking the place of someone else (see question transfer question, above).  For individuals who registered under their own name, a photo ID or other form of identification is sufficient.  Individuals who are attending under someone else's registration information will need to bring the original ticket, so that we can verify the transfer.  

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