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Recording in the Classroom:

A Practical Analysis of Legal Issues Involving Audio and Video Recording and Streaming in the Classroom

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

1:00 - 2:15 EST

Registration Available Soon

Erin D. Gilsbach, Esq.


Description of Program:

From a student recording a class on a cell phone to the use of a broad network of security cameras on school grounds, the increasing use of audio/video recording and surveillance in today’s schools raises a variety of legal issues.  School administrators need to have a comprehensive understanding of the laws that apply in a variety of different contexts in order to develop legally-defensive policies and procedures involving the use of audio/video technology.   In this session, Attorney Erin D. Gilsbach provides a comprehensive analysis of the applicable laws as well as best practice tips for avoiding liability. 


This webinar will address such topics as:  federal and state wiretap laws and their applicability to recording on campus; legal obligations of schools with regards to the use of audio and/or video recording by students and staff for disability-related purposes; legal issues regarding video surveillance systems; intellectual property rights and considerations with respect to recordings made in the classroom; student rights and legal parameters of regulating student recording and streaming practices; student privacy rights with regards to surveillance and other recorded video content. 


What you will learn:

  • What legal rights do students have regarding the use of audio/video recording on campus?

  • Do state and/or federal wiretap laws apply to student on-campus recording?

  • Do students have a right, under FERPA, to view security surveillance videos?

  • Who “owns” the rights to a classroom lecture? 

  • Can schools prohibit students from publishing on-campus recordings on the internet?

  • What legal obligations do schools have under the ADA and Section 504 to accommodate students with disabilities by permitting audio/visual recording?

  • Can an instructor refuse to permit audio/video recording in a classroom if school policy permits it?

  • and more!

About the Presenter:

Erin D. Gilsbach, Esq., Executive Director of EdLaw Interactive (, is an experienced speaker and author at the state and national levels on matters regarding school law.  She currently serves as the President of the PA School Boards Assn. (PSBA) Solicitor's Association as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the National School Boards Association  (NSBA) Council of School Attorneys (COSA).  Atty. Gilsbach specializes in providing professional development training for schools nationwide on trending legal issues regarding school law issues and performing policy and procedure legal defensibility audits.  She is a frequent presenter and author for a number of national organizations and publications, including PSBA, NSBA, the PA Bar Institute, the National Business Institute (NBI); LRP Publications and the 2018 LRP Special Ed Institute; the Missouri Council of Special Education Administrators (MO-CASE).  Erin is currently writing a book for LRP publications on student health services and the law that is scheduled for publication in the fall. 

Interested in hosting this programs live at your school or organization or requesting a customized webinar or recorded training?
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