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Ask the Expert - Dr. Lawrence J. Altman, Esq.
Bullying, Depression, and Suicide:

Recognizing the Specific Struggles of Special Needs Students

Monday, October 29
1:00 - 2:15 EST
About the Program:
In this session of "Ask the Expert," Dr. Lawrence J. Altman, Esq., discusses the issue of bullying, depression, and suicide in the context of students with special needs.  He answers common questions, such as:  What specific struggles do students with disabilities have with regards to bullying, depression, and suicide?  What are the FAPE obligations of a school with regards to students who has or is being bullied?  What legal responsibilities do schools have regarding students suffering from depression and/or suicidal ideation?  What should IEP teams consider when programming for students with a history of bullying, depression, and/or suicidal ideation?  What do educators and administrators need to know when working with these students?
About the Speaker:
Dr. Altman is an attorney and an adjunct professor at Avila University.  He served as lead special education and section 504 compliance attorney as well as Title IX coordinator for the Kansas City Public School District for many years.  Prior to that, he had been a practicing attorney in St. Louis since 1976.  An active member of the National School Boards Association’s Council of School Attorneys, Dr. Altman is an experienced speaker and scholar on a wide variety of school law topics.  
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