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2024/2025 Two-Day IEP Writing Workshop

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Join us for this intensive 2-day training in our new EdLaw Interactive Training Studio in Slatington, PA!

New:  Legally-Defensible FBA & BIP Workshop

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Coming Soon!

EdLaw Interactive is a complete resource for school law training and professional development. 

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Schedule a Live or Web-Based Training for Your School


Looking for an in-person training, live webinar, or recorded online training for your school?  We offer trainings on a wide array of school law topics!  Below is a sampling of some of the many live trainings that we offer.  Looking for something specific or unique?  We are always happy to customize trainings for specific schools, groups, or organizations.  For more information about these programs or about hosting an in-person training, live webinar, or recorded online training for your school, click HERE, or go to the "Host a Trainingtab on at the top of the page. 

School Law Boot Camp
EdTech and the Law - Privacy Edition
Service Animals in Schools
Teachers and Social Media
When Do We Need a Nurse?
Administration of Medication
Essential Guide to Special Ed
Special Ed for General Ed Staff
Family Law for School Employees
IEP Goal-Writing Workshop
Special Education and Communication
Life After High School: Transition
IEP Writing Workshop Icon
Residency, Enrollment, & Attendance
Spotlight on Special Ed
School Law for School Nurses
Finding FAPE
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